Starbeach 20th Birthday Festival _Out & About

This year, 2013 Starbeach turned 20 years old. To celebrate this milestone they had a festival which spanned out over three days. The majority of the act's who performed at the festival were some of the greatest act's Starbeach had hosted in the past, along with some new acts who are some of the biggest music names today. Along with all these famous acts were our very own Malia DJ's, Pickalo (ZigZag Resident DJ) & DJ Lloyd Jones (1830s Official DJ) the lads won a competition to secure a spot in the lineup. They both did the opening sets for the Saturday and Sunday respectively, Pickalo on Saturday and Lloyd on the Sunday. The headline act for the festival was Afrojack, I've seen him twice now and this was without a doubt his better set, so much energy ! Other well known DJ's included Quintino, Ferry Corsten, Roog and Vassili Tsili Christos, those of you who haven't heard of Vassili he is the number 1 house DJ throughout whole of Greece. Overall I had a overwhelming experience and was so happy to be apart of such an amazing weekend ! 

By Simo.