Martin Garrix first time in Malia 2013 _OUT & ABOUT

As the sun set on the Malia strip Oasis pool was kicking off their biggest party of the season with guest DJ Martin Garrix performing his first time in Malia. DJ Pickalo on set first warming up, followed by DJ Sole as more party animals came through the gates Satsta and MC Reckless got the crowd lively. Drinks flowing and smiles all around 
Varski well known for his out there lavish DJing skills had the crowd jumping and the sweat starting to drip off people. Billy V then stepped up and had the crowd in his grasp with people on each others shoulders and hands in the air fist pumping all ready for the main event, The animal that is Martin Garrix. On comes the headliner and the crowd are going wild, the place is packed and everyone's squashed like sardines on the dance floor loving life, having the best day and night of their holiday. Martin smashed the set, playing Animals halfway through it. There was no turning back everyone was on their feet, hands in the air, sweat dripping from them, you could even tell the Greek security was enjoying it haha ! All in all there was so much energy and atmosphere the vibe was crazy & I look forward to what future big names come to Malia.

Afterwards Martin Garrix carried on partying at Banana club doing an hour and a half set and he smashed it. You couldn't even move inside it was that rammed.  Reckless also had the crowd going with his vibrant lyrics ! All in all it was one of the best days in Malia I've had this year. 

Martin Garrix Live @ Banana Club ( VIDEO )

Martin Garrix Live @ Oasis Pool Bar ( VIDEO )

By Simo.  _OUT & ABOUT